Exciting News! Liquidity Lockup Event from March 11 to May 8:

Going forward we intend to disclose the destination of Tupan funds to keep a transparent relationship between community and our organization.

The following items aim to inform you of the wallets that will provide liquidity, burn and buyback and reasoning behind these strategic moves.

for Liquidity Lockup (during 60 days) funds will be directed as follows:

Wallet A: 70% to Liquidity

- Ensures a robust and stable liquidity pool for the next days.
- Price stability.


Wallet B: 22% to Distribution/Tokenomics

- Supports sustainable tokenomics and ecosystem development.
- Facilitates fair and transparent distribution to stakeholders.

Wallet C: 4% to Purchase BTC to Buyback TCTs

- Commitment to token buyback and price support.
- Strategic increase of the token price.


Wallet D: 4% to Burn

- Reduces token supply, leading to potential scarcity and value appreciation.