Tupan Community Token F.A.Q.

1What is Tupan?
The Tupan Token was born to assertively achieve the necessary transition to a regenerative and circular economy. By joining the high technology of cryptocurrencies and the blockchain network, with the most extraordinary demands of the century, Tupan brings you the opportunity to make a difference in the environment while enjoying an investment with a high potential for appreciation. Learn more about Tupan on our Whitepaper.
2What is forestAu green?
forestAu green is an environmental investment fund created in the United States with impact investment options dedicated to developing financial engineering solutions that leverage heritage assets in line with the 17 United Nations (UN) Sustainable Development Goals. Initially, forestAu green issued the Tupan Token, representing a share of the fund. And then, Tupan became part of the Zeniq system, which has a partnership with Safir, with more than 700 thousand members in the community. In this way, the Tupan Community Token (TCT) no longer represents the fund's shares - these are now represented by the Au Green Token and can be exchanged for Tupan NFTs.
3What is a cryptocurrency?
Cryptocurrency is the generic name for digital currencies, decentralized and created in the Blockchain network using advanced encryption systems. This complex structure protects the transactions, information, and data of those who transact.
4What is a decentralized currency?
A decentralized currency – or digital asset – exists without regulating banks, governments, or institutions and does not depend on intermediaries to control or authorize issues, transfers, and other financial operations.
5What is a Whitepaper?
A Whitepaper is a public document of a specific organization that exclusively explains a particular concept and solution to a specific problem. He talks about the problem; the proposed solutions that the project will follow; the techniques, methodologies, tracking, and measures taken; it also presents its execution timeline; your team, its competitive advantages, fulfills, and the risk related to the project. It is a purely informative document with the aim of enlightening investors and the public. Download our whitepaper and learn more about Tupan.
6What is an NFT?
The NFT (Non-Fungible Token) is a Token that represents something unique, exclusive, and indivisible. A well-known illustrative example is an artwork. NFTs have a digital certificate of ownership of a physical asset, which exists through the Blockchain system. Imagine that you own a painting. It is unique, exclusive, and indivisible, therefore, non-fungible. Tupan is not an NFT, but a Defi (Decentralized Finance), that is, a digital asset that promotes the Circular Regenerative Bioeconomy of environmental protection areas across the planet, in addition, preserves initially 3.69 billion m³ of Amazonia.
7What is DeFi?
The acronym DeFi derives from Decentralized Finance and is a form of finance that does not depend on central financial intermediaries such as brokers, exchanges, or banks.
8What is a token DeFi?
A DeFi Token (DeFi currency) is a decentralized digital asset. In this way, financial institutions do not intermediate in operations, which is possible given the security offered by Blockchain technology. These assets are inserted in unregulated currencies and promote high fluctuations in their value, making them attractive to short and long-term investors. The decentralization of digital assets removes obstacles, high market rates, and costs from operations, in addition to complex bureaucracy. Furthermore, DeFi Tokens guarantee the global integration of crypto-assets with the real economy via Blockchain, which allows the interaction of buying and selling products and services with much lower and more attractive values.
9How do DeFi works?
Traditional finance is part of an ecosystem of institutions regulated by international, federal, state, and municipal laws. All transactions use centralized intermediaries, such as banks, to complete. Every transaction data is processed to align with rules and regulations, and various fees are charged, making products more expensive for the consumer. In the DeFi universe, you no longer need centralized intermediaries. Instead, you can interact between the crypto and the financial and real market by purchasing low-cost goods and services and the best security and anonymity. Tupan is a DeFi Token with Blockchain safety and Mastercard technology, where consumers can purchase products and services with the maximum economy and agility of the DeFi universe.