In the current business landscape, organizations are increasingly under pressure to reduce their carbon emissions and demonstrate their commitment to sustainability. As a result, CO2 certificates have emerged as a critical commodity for companies seeking to offset their emissions and meet sustainability goals. Tupan, a prominent player in the green energy sector, recognizes this trend and has devised a unique solution that caters to the demand for CO2 certificates, while also fostering growth in the crypto market and promoting B2B relationships.


Tupan offers a unique approach that enables companies to purchase CO2 certificates directly from the ForestAu Green fund, using its native cryptocurrency TCT to pay for the certificates at the prevailing market rate. This approach offers several advantages to businesses and the digital market at large.


-Firstly, it simplifies the process of meeting emissions targets and demonstrating a commitment to sustainability, as companies no longer need to navigate the complexities of the carbon credit market.


-Secondly, it allows companies to make payments using a blockchain, making transactions easier and faster.


Another key feature of the TCT is CO2 staking through X-Pay, which rewards the community with Tupan AuGreen. This token represents the value of each project participating in the fund.


To receive Tupan AuGreen rewards, you must first obtain a specific NFT. This NFT allows you to earn a percentage of a particular ForestAu Green project based on its CO2 emissions certificates and the amount of TCT staked in the pool. Holding this security token is akin to owning a portion of the fund's shares, offering significant potential for the token's market valuation, considering the fund's core values and ethical practices. Acquiring this security token through the secondary market is straightforward.


There will be standard staking pools that generate TCT and CO2 staking pools that require a specific Tupan NFT and a TCT amount. As a reward for providing liquidity to a specific project's CO2 offsetting, you will receive Tupan AuGreen tokens.


Additionally, the use of TCT to purchase CO2 certificates can stimulate demand for the token, thereby benefiting both current TCT holders and the digital market. By establishing a direct correlation between the demand for CO2 certificates and the value of TCT, Tupan is creating a powerful incentive for businesses and investors to participate in the Tupan ecosystem.


Overall, Tupan's approach to CO2 certificates presents a mutually beneficial opportunity for businesses, the digital currency market, and the environment. By leveraging its expertise in green energy and cryptocurrency, Tupan is paving the way for a more sustainable and innovative future, where businesses can thrive while simultaneously contributing to the protection of the planet.