Vending Pool F.A.Q

1How does the vending pool work?
The vending pool is a repurchase mechanic from Tupan, what this means is that we're going to purchase your tokens for whatever price the token is worth in the market, and we the TUPAN GROUP are going to pay you $0,036 for each token in the pool. If the value of the token is higher we're going to pay another value based on the previous 2 days of trading of the token.
2What is the maximum token quantity allowed in this vending pool?
The maximum token quantity permitted for this first pool is 11 million TCT.
3When will I be able to withdraw my rewards, or take my tokens out of the pool if I want to?
We lock the tokens for 120 days during the first round, after that if you want to take your tokens out of the pool, you'll be able to do it but will receive no rewards for your tokens.
4When is the reward given to members of the pool?
When a B2B (Real Carbon Credits are purchased by a company or a person.) is made. After it's done, 20% of the value of this transaction will be used to liquidate the pool in a "first come, first served" fashion. This means the ones who joined the pool first will be liquidated first. 20% of the TCT re-purchased by the pool by Tupan (tokens liquidated on the pool) will be burned.
5When will a B2B be done so the pool is liquidated?
Let's take the token part of the equation aside for a second. Every purchase ever made in history is based on supply and demand, this means I have a product and there are clients out there that need this product, right? The pool is tied directly to the sales of carbon credits, so for rewards to be given, tupan has to sell Carbon Credits to the market. Now when will a B2B happen? THIS IS IMPOSSIBLE TO ANSWER! It's a matter of you analyzing the market to come to your conclusions, but what we can say is, Carbon Credits are a worldwide demand for companies that need to offset their emissions, we have supply and the demand is there.
6I can't see the status of my tokens yet!
We're implementing a better interface, as X-Pay needed more time to be able to withstand the influx of tokens. News about the interface will come out soon, don't worry.
7What is liquidation?
Basically settlement, payment, liquidating the pool.
8How do I receive my rewards?
Knowing that the purpose of the pool is for TUPAN to re-purchase your tokens, you know now that the pool will be liquidated with money from carbon credit sales. Now fast forward into the future, a B2B is done and your tokens are going to be liquidated! Now you'll be presented with the option of choosing how you want to be paid. The rewards will be paid in TCT itself, USDT, Avinoc, Zeniq coin, and the upcoming Tupan AuGreen Token which will be the representation of the Shares of ForestAu Green fund. To withdraw rewards in TCT, and Tupan AuGreen there will be no fees. There will be a 40€ fee when withdrawing rewards in USDT, Avinoc, and Zeniq coins.
9How do I get paid in TCT for TCT
You have 10.000 TCT in the pool, if you want to be paid in TCT we'll pay you $0,036 worth in TCT. As I'm writing this TCT is currently $0,014 and 10,000 is worth 148 USD. If the reward was given right now, you would have 360 USD worth of TCT, which would be 24633 TCT.
10What are the advantages of participating in the TCT Vending Pool compared to traditional staking pools?
Participating in the TCT Vending Pool offers several advantages over traditional staking pools. Here are some of them: Rewards based on real transactions: Unlike traditional staking pools where rewards are based on token lock-up time, the TCT Vending Pool rewards participants based on the value of B2B carbon credit transactions. This means you'll be directly involved in the growing carbon credit market and receive rewards based on the transaction value. Flexible rewards: The TCT Vending Pool provides a flexible rewards system. Rewards are set at $0.0369 per TCT in the pool when the TCT price is below that value. When the price is above, an additional calculation is made based on recent trading days. This ensures you receive rewards proportionate to market performance. Diversification of rewards: In addition to TCT rewards, the TCT Vending Pool offers the opportunity to receive rewards in other currencies such as USDT, Avinoc, Zeniq, and the upcoming Tupan AuGreen Token representing ForestAu Green Fund shares. This allows you to diversify your rewards and take advantage of different market opportunities. Low withdrawal fees: When withdrawing rewards in TCT and Tupan AuGreen, there are no fees involved. However, opting to receive rewards in USDT, Avinoc, and Zeniq incurs a fixed fee of 40€. This ensures efficient and cost-effective access to your rewards. Open participation: The TCT Vending Pool accepts all TCT tokens, including those obtained through the Safir back-office miner and those acquired on the market. This means anyone can participate regardless of the origin of their tokens. Participating in the TCT Vending Pool provides a unique opportunity to engage with the carbon credit market and earn rewards based on real transactions.
11Is there a limit on the number of TCT tokens a person can contribute to the vending pool?
Yes, there is a limit of 10,000 TCT tokens per person. However, individuals can make multiple deposits from the same account until they reach the maximum limit of 10,000 tokens. It's important to note that if there are multiple deposits that exceed the limit of 10,000 tokens, the excess amount will not be liquidated or included in the vending pool rewards. Only the first 10,000 tokens deposited will be considered for the pool rewards.
12Where can I make the submission to the vending pool?
You can use platforms like the Nomo app or Bitmart to send your tokens, and the process is very simple, as described in the tutorial videos below. Please note that the limit per person is 10,000, and don't forget to fill out the form with your information, and transaction hash, and also provide a screenshot of the transaction.